Farm Fun at The Farm in Door County, WI

A Living Museum of Rural America

“Since 1965”

Map of the Grounds at The Farm in Door County, WI

Map of the Farm

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A Warm Welcome

We are glad you stopped by. The Farm in beautiful Door County, is a special place.

A quote about The Farm in the Reader’s Digest book, Off the Beaten Path says it best:

“Children and adults as well, are likely to be charmed, entertained and educated.”

The Farm is a delight for people of all ages. As a living museum of rural America, it is a blending of cultural, historical, agricultural, ecological, recreational and educational values. Every year, The Farm virtually explodes with newborn and new-hatched creatures. Goat kids, piglets, foals, calves and lambs are born throughout the season; chicks hatch everyday in the observation incubator. Be sure to check the stork report in the lobby.